Earthquake Research and Engineering (ERE) Inc. provides high-quality, creative structural and earthquake engineering services to engineers, architects, owners and developers through state of the art knowledge and extensive experience in the field of earthquake engineering. With strong academic background and sound engineering practice, our main philosophy is to act as a link between most recent research and applications in earthquake science and engineering and the engineering industry through “practice oriented research and development”.

ER&E Services

What We Do

Earthquake Engineering

ER&E’s extensive knowledge and experience in earthquake engineering, together with our advanced numerical modelling services, enable us to address complex challenges in seismically active areas.


Seismic Monitoring

ER&E conducts seismic monitoring at project sites likely to generate induced micro-earthquakes.

Structural Engineering

ER&E’s extensive experience in stuctural earthquake engineering covers analysis and assessment of wide range of structural systems considering international regulations.

Geological and Geophysical Survey

ER&E provide geological and geophysical surveys and our geologists and geo-scientists are supported by advanced technologies, systems, and state-of-the-art equipment.

Geophysics and Seismology

ER&E conducts various geophysical tests at project sites in support of site response analysis. ER&E performs high-resolution seismic surveys to evaluate shallow subsurface geology, as well as to delineate and verify possible Quaternary faulting.

Urban Seismic Risk Assessment

• Development of software for seismic hazard and risk modelling
• Urban seismic risk assessment and prioritization studies.


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