Dr. Mine Betül Demircioğlu Tümsa

Dr. Demircioglu-Tümsa has received her BSc in Civil Engineering at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Sakarya Engineering Faculty in 1997, and MSc and PhD degrees in Earthquake Engineering at Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Engineering Department of Bogazici University in 2003, and 2010, respectively. Her main research areas are seismic hazard and risk assessment, compilation of historical earthquakes, determination of insurance parameters such as AAL and PML.

She has contributed in several European Union funded projects such as LESSLOSS (Earthquake and Mitigation Risks for Landslide Integrated Project), MEM (Turkey-Marmara Earthquake Emergency Reconstruction) PREVIEW (Prevention Information and Early Warning) SAFER (Seismic Early Warning Europe), NERIES (European Research Infrastructure Network for European Earthquake Risk Assessment and Mitigation), REAKT (Strategies and Tools for Real-Time Earthquake Risk Reduction in Europe), SHARE(Seismic Hazard Harmonization in Europe), EMME (Middle East Earthquake Model), MARSITE (New Directions in Seismic Hazard Assessment through Focused Earth Observation in the Marmara Supersite), SciNetNatHAz (A Scientific Network for Earthquake, Landslide and Flood Hazard Prevention) and STORM (Safeguarding Cultural Heritage through Technical and Organisational Resources Management),  as a researcher or expert engineer. In addition to international projects, she has contributed in several national project such as ISTKA funded"Internet-Based Earthquake Damage and Loss Estimation System (ELE-NET)" project, UDAP-O-13-06 "Revised of  Seismic Hazard Map in Turkey" project.

Dr. Demircioğulu-Tümsa has participated in the preparation committees of Turkish Seismic Code 2018.

Dr. Mine Betül Demircioğlu-Tümsa is currently working as freelance earthquake engineering consultant.