Prof. Dr. Ali Pınar

Prof Dr. Ali Pınar, graduated from Istanbul Univeristy Department of Geophysics in 1984. Having received his MSc and PhD degrees from Istanbul University and Bogazici University, respectively, he has expertized in various fields of earth sciences and engineering. Seismology, seismotectonics, earth physics, earthquake engineering, shallow geophysics are among the subject he expertized in several national and international projects. Solid experience in teaching, research, problem identification and solving in earth sciences and engineering. Main topics of interest are: Industry based local seismic network configuration, installation and operation; Earthquake early warning applications; Real-time seismology applications; Local and regional seismicity analysis and modelling; Aftershock monitoring and forecasting; Seismic source modelling; Rupture process analysis of large earthquakes; Seismotectonics; Seismlogical databases; Earth physics; Shallow underground geophysics survey.

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