Prof. Dr. Erhan Altunel


Erhan Altunel is Professor of Geology at the Department of Geological Engineering, Eskişehir Osmangazi University.  After graduating from Department of Geology (Hydrogeology) of Hacettepe University, he carried out his MSc and PhD in Structural Geology/Active Tectonics in the Department of Geology of Bristol University (UK). He has been working in Active Tectonics since then.  His academic studies focused on tectonic geomorphology, paleoseismology, archaeoseismology, earthquake geology and cultural geology and he has published national-international papers, conducted national-international research projects and supervised MSc-PhD thesis in these disciplines of Active Tectonics. In addition to academic studies, he has conducted studies for the investigation of Active Faults in national and international engineering projects and has consulted on such projects.  His professional expertise encompasses determination of the location and activities of active faults, mapping of active faults, investigation of the effects of historical earthquakes on archaeological remains.

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